Saturday, October 26, 2013


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I managed to find a cheap parking at Pears Ave. It was $3 for the evening. 

It was my first time to come to Joso's, and this restaurant is quite interesting.  When I first walked in, the gentleman gave me a warm welcome and a nice smile. This was quite important because I was stuck in traffic for about 1.5 hours just to get to this restaurant. I just felt welcome and home. The decorations were quite unique because they all had big boobs. The seatings were somewhat small but it felt like a warm cozy restaurant to me. I very like their decorations and seatings. Also we were siting near the window, which the "feel" was quite nice overall.

On the menu, the dish that came out to me was the Siciliana because it is so hard to find in the GTA area. The waitress brought out the seafood plate for us to look at while we were deciding our food. She was very knowledgeable into her plate of fishes, and their fishes were quite fresh. Their pricing were between $40 to $200 each, and it was good to share. Before I ordered my food, I always have to get a glass of wine, but I never know which one I want every time. I asked the waitress and she was very knowledgable into her wine list too.

I ordered the Joso's Salad and the Siciliana. The Joso's Salad vegetable was fresh, and I just love chickpeas. I very like their Siciliana. The pasta was cooked al dente, and the cuttlefish ink is quite fresh and tasty.

I will go back again to try out their other dishes in the future.