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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Splendido on Urbanspoon

Today I decided to try out a somewhat expensive brunch. This restaurant used to open for dinner, and recently they open up for brunch for just Sunday. Lets see if the saying is correct, "what you pay is what you get...".

The price is quite expensive compared to other brunch restaurants which I do understand because the decorations inside of the Splendido are great, and quite classy. Also their chairs are quite comfortable. Everyone dresses well inside even though he/she is just having brunch on a Sunday morning or afternoon.

I ordered the $35 set brunch to try because I just wanted to see how good was it. However, they have a more expensive version which needs to pre-order it on Thursday and it cost about $180 to $230 for 4 or 5 people.

They started me off with a glass of water, and you only have a choice of distilled or sparking water because they were charging us $4 for the water. I assumed they won't serve regular water because its a fancy restaurant.

The Spread that everyone shares...
The croissants were great, and the jam in the big jar was excellent....

I ordered an Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce was great, and it tasted way better than Lady Marmalade which was 3 times the price. The greens on the plate was watercress. I like them...

My neighbor had a lobster sandwish...

My other neighbor had a Cumbrae’s Flank Steak & Eggs...

We ordered some sides which is $6 each:
Bone Marrow w/ toast & onion jam
Pork Belly w/ maple syrup & black pepper
Boston Bibb Lettuce & poached pears

I had the pork belly and it was good. It was juicy and melted in my mouth. This is the best pork belly I have so far. The bone marrow looked nice too and I would like to try it out next time.

The chef came out to greet everyone, and he was checking out the result of his food. He actually looked around the table and see if his food were untouched. I guess that he control the quality of his cooking, and the market reactions.

Overall, this place has the best brunch so far. I guess the saying is true, "what you pay is what you get"....