Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lady Marmalade

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This Saturday I went to the Lady Marmalade in Toronto. When we got there, there was already a huge line up in front of the restaurant. The line up made me wondered if this place was that good because of the line up. We couldn't get a table because some of our members weren't show up yet. The restaurant rule said, you only get a table if all the members showed up which I think it was reasonable because what if one member was like 1 hour late, and few people will be holding a table for an hour.

Inside the restaurant isn't that fancy. It is more like a small family restaurant that you can just bring your kids and have them play around the chalkboard near the entrance. The chairs aren't that unify. You can see different kinds of chairs at the same table.

I ordered a meat lover's brunch and a coffee because it was on special on the chalkboard. The price was $15 and $2.25 for the coffee. The hollandaise sauce wasn't bad, but not so special either, it was just normal. The salad was alright and the meat is just meat hahahaha.... You get refills with your coffee which I think its good because of that price.

You can see there was the line up, and how the restaurant looks like. You can actually find a nice picture on their website.

After the brunch, you get a candy...

Overall, the restaurant was alright. I have to try out other stuff in the menu to put down my judgement. I would definitely go again and try out their rice...