Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kikaku Sushi Bar at The Blue Mountain Ontario

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If there is zero star, I would give it instead of 1 star....who ever previously said its good, please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee try some other better sushi restaurants. I would like to say its TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st, its very EXPENSIVE!!! I know it is located in a resort and price should be expensive but for this kind of price, I would expect better food quality. There isn't much you can choose from on the menu. There were two people who walked in and looked at the menu and walked out. It just has nothing special that attract eaters and charged people a crazy price for T&T supermarket quality sushi. i can tell you T&T has better sushi than kikaku does too.

2nd, need to PAY for the tea!!! We asked for 2 tea and they gave us a tea pot and charge us $2.50 a pot. Its okie to charge people for tea but please give a higher quality of green tea. Some places charge customer per glass but they use high quality green tea bag.

3rd, waiting time is SUPER LONG!!! We waited around 45 min to an hour for just a bowl of veg udon and 24 pcs sushi. They have friendly staffs but the wait time was just way too long. I can make sushi faster them them even thought I don't know how to roll them.

4th, BAD QUALITY of food!!! We ordered a veg udon soup which I think it was worth more like $5 instead of $16. Let me tell you what was in the bowl. There were some shredded veg and udon and they charged us $16. It tasted horrible. It was too salty, felt like drinking/eating lots of MSG, and udon wasn't soft.

We also ordered 24pcs sushi &rolls. The raw fish were fresh but NOT AS FRESH as previous reviewer said. They were also very very very thin slices. Each piece was like 1/3 of the thickness compared to other sushi places. The rice for the sushi is hard. It is like they weren't cooked properly. Also on top of the not cooked properly rice, the skill of the sushi chef wasn't good because he squeezed the rice too hard for half of the sushi. There were 2 deep fried shrimp in the sushi roll, but i think those two shrimps are leftover from previous day because they were dry (VERY DRY) or just the person who deep fried the shrimps left them there for too long and over cooked them.

I would NOT RECOMMEND this place to anyone..........

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