Friday, March 28, 2014

Fav Cafe

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This is a small HK style cafe. I think it opened couple years ago. The decor is not bad, and they provided a daily fine specials on the wall which is around $20 for each dish. We came here couple weeks ago for lunch but this place was packed, and customers were all standing at the doors, so we went to the next door HK style cafe instead. This time we went for dinner on a weekdays, and the place was quite empty.

We did not try out their fine specials on the wall because we would like to try their normal items on their menu first. The main dish came with soup and a drink. We ordered hot milk tea but it came at the very end after we finished our meal.

A corn soup with bacon and potato. I think its watery but hey we are in a HK style cafe with reasonable price. The soup was pretty good.

The chicken was dark meat and came with skin on. The skin was crispy, and the chicken was juicy. On top was the somewhat sweet side soy sauce. I found this dish was a little bit at the salty side but I guess it was its style.

This dish also on the salty side because of the salty fish as the main ingredient. It also had few pieces of 豬頸肉. Did I taste the lotus leaf smell for the rice? Um...... maybe just very very little for our order...

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